Seren Kilig

Storyteller. Activist.
Writer, on occasion.


Seren Kilig is, at heart, a Filipino storyteller.As lover of literature, linguistics, music, and art, Seren aims to craft stories that feel just as beautiful as the act of storytelling itself. A queer child of the Filipino diaspora, they immigrated to the United States to pursue their dreams of being an international annoyance and remains there with their family, both blood and bond.Seren is comfortable with any pronouns in any language, along with any gendered terms. Use what feels right at any given moment. They have been awarded fellowships from Periplus, Lambda Literary, and Roots. Wounds. Words. for fiction, multi-genre work, and speculative fiction, respectively, among others.Outside of writing and illustrating, Seren enages with de-colonial work and queer empowerment, focusing specifically on diasporic Southeast Asian culture and global HIV/AIDS relief. They also enjoy a challenging video game from time to time.


🔖 (Adult Fantasy Academia)

Rivers, an Ilokano Sword adept at conjuring, becomes entangled in the arms race not just between their two Scribes, but between the two secret societies at Cypress’ Invocation Institute.


🪽 (Young Adult Urban Fantasy)

After being saved from death by a boy with the body of his murdered best friend, Amihan is drafted into purging the city of St. Veronica of evil Spirits, unaware of corruption corroding him from the inside out.



Prose —
she named the plants after her exes. (ALOCASIA: Issue #09 — Summer Solstice, 2024)
Poems —
High Tier Rejection Letter (Emerge 2023: Lambda Literary Fellows Anthology)
Synonymity (Emerge 2023: Lambda Literary Fellows Anthology)
Mother, Mother (Peripress Anthology I: Call And Response)


For business inquires, please use the form below.Otherwise, the easiest way to get in touch with me is sending me a DM on any of my socials. If it's urgent, please use the form below and note any time sensitivity.